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Inventory of the meteorites held by the Ulster Museum. This information was kindly provided by Mike Simms.

All images are (c)National Museums Northern Ireland.

# Indicates those meteorites on display (as of 19th January 2010), an image of the museum's public meteorite display can be seen as our December '09 Image of the Month.

Ordinary Chondrites
Crumlin, L5 (25.5g part slice) Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland #
Sprucefield, L3.7 (9.3g part slice) Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. Note: Sprucefield is a synonym for Bovedy. #
Bovedy, L3.7 (61.3g part slice) Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland #
Mooresfort, H5 (9.32g crusted fragment) Tipperary, Ireland #
Alfianello, L6 (96g cut stone) Brescia, Italy #
Plainview, H5 (38.6g cut stone) Hale County, Texas, USA
La Criolla, L6 (23g stone) Entre Rios Province, Argentina, South America
Gao, H5 (730g stone) Burkina Faso, Africa
Gao, H5 (75g endcut), 2nd image, Burkina Faso, Africa #
Pultusk, H5 (20g stone) Warsaw, Poland
Forrest (b), L6 (32.6g part slice) Western Australia
Owasco, L6 (31.3g slice) Kimball County, Nebraska, USA
Mount Tazerzait, L5 (186g fragment) Niger, Africa
Chico Hills, H4 (100.2g endcut) Colfax County, New Mexico, USA
Carbonaceous Chondrites
Murchison, CM2 (11.6g crusted fragment) Victoria, Australia #
Allende, CV3 (1780g whole stone) Chihuahua, Mexico #
Henbury, IIIAB (121.5g etched half) Northern Territory, Australia
Canyon Diablo, IAB (3805g) Arizona, USA #
Canyon Diablo, weathered 'iron shale' (48.5g) Arizona, USA
Gibeon, IVa (1355g etched half) Namibia, Africa #
Gibeon, IVa (113kg) Namibia, Africa #
Gibeon, IVa (495g 'egg') Namibia, Africa #
Landes, IAB (23.8g part slice) West Virginia, USA
Hoba, IVB Ni-rich Ataxite (73.4g part slice) Grootfontein, Namibia, Africa
Mundrabilla, IAB UNGR (128.5g etched half) Nullarbor Plain, Western Australia
Santa Catherina, IAB UNGR (27.9g weathered endcut) Brazil, South America
Santa Rosa, IC Ataxite (1.9g) Tunja, Boyaca, Columbia
Santiago Papasquiero, UNGR (742.9g slice) Drango, Mexico #
Chinga, UNGR (3210g) Tann Tuva, Turvinskaya, Russia #
Chinga, UNGR (110.2g slice) Tann Tuva, Turvinskaya, Russia
Chinga, UNGR (176g slice) Tann Tuva, Turvinskaya, Russia
Odessa I, IA (249.5g) Ecton County, Texas, USA
Tishomingo, UNGR (47.7g part slice) Johnson County, Oklahoma, USA
Imilac, MG (133.9g part slice) Atacama Desert, Chile
Imilac, MG (~25g skeletal with some olivine) Atacama Desert, Chile
Seymchan, MG (3450g etched slice) Magadan, Russia #
Esquel, MG (~500g part slice) Argentina, South America #
Vaca Muerta, MES (69g slice) Chile, South America #
Johnstown, DIOG (2g fragments) Weld County, Colorado, USA
Millbillillie, EUC (240g whole) Western Australia #
Dhofar 467, LUN (6.39g endcut) Oman #