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Bechar 001 (Algeria) L5 (stone) Found August 1998

This meteorite find is named Bechar 001 and classified as an L5 chondrite. The large 42Kg mass broke into 3 large pieces and a few smaller fragments on impact - the 3 largest pieces fit together beautifully like a giant jigsaw puzzle and the main mass is pictured (although wrongly labelled and confused with an H3 called "Zegdou") in O. Richard Norton's article on page 17 of the May '99 issue of Meteorite! magazine.

The apple green coloured matrix is quite fresh and beautiful - the fusion crust (where present) is very thick, very dark, very black and wonderful! Deep regmaglypts are also visible on some fusion crusted pieces. Many chondrules (some quite large!), troilite nodules and some dark shock veining are easily visible within the green matrix. A very nice meteorite. The main mass (14.5kg) has deeply gouged regmaglypts and flowing material evident in the very thick black fusion crust.


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