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Bells (Grayson County, Texas, USA) CM2 (stone) Fell 9th September 1961:

Bells is a CM chondrite with unusual petrographic qualities. Whilst officially classified as a CM2, more recent studies suggest that the Bells carbonaceous chondrite may best be classified as an anomalous CM2. This meteorite is regarded as the most aqueous altered of all CM2 chondrites - it also has one of the highest CM2 matrix to chondrule ratios, and the matrix, being Fe-poor, is actually closer to CI composition. This has led scientists to suggest that Bells may be intermediate between CM and CI chondrites.

Precious little (only 283g) of this rare meteorite was recovered after a detonating fireball was seen and heard over NE Texas, and the main mass itself - a half stone on permanent public display in The Monnig Meteorite Gallery at TCU, Fort Worth - weighs only 84.4g. Understandably, this rare and anomalous CM2 is pretty difficult to get hold of.


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