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Bovedy (County Londonderry, Northern Ireland) L3 (stone) Fell 25th April 1969

This beautiful type 3 chondrite fell to Earth in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland on 25th April 1969 after a fireball was observed over the British Isles moving from SE to NW. Three days later a specimen, in two pieces totalling 513g, was found at Sprucefield, County Antrim, after it had fallen through an asbestos roof. A second stone fell on a farm at Bovedy, County Londonderry, about 60km NW of Sprucefield, and weighed 4.95kg.

By chance, an Irish lady was outdoors with her tape machine, recording birdsong and local wildlife, just as the meteor exploded high in the atmosphere. Click here to download the sound file and hear it for yourself. The distant booms and detonations can be heard clearly about 2/3rds of the way through the recording, startling the lady and making a nearby dog bark in surprise.



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