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Campo del Cielo (Chaco, Argentina) IAB (iron) Found 1576

Many iron meteorites have been recovered from the Campo del Cielo strewnfield since its discovery in 1576. This coarse octahedrite was fairly plain and featureless externally due to several centuries exposure to damp conditions. When cut and acid etched, a beautiful Widmanstatten pattern appeared but this old meteorite had one major flaw - rust!

However, new and previously unknown extension to the strewnfield was discovered at a higher altitude well away from the wet oxidising conditions of the earlier finds. Campo meteorites recovered from this new area are very stable and retain beautiful regmaglypts and patches of fusion crust, bearing very little resemblance to all of the highly weathered earlier finds.

Campos are still priced very low for such wonderfully featured iron meteorites, allowing lots of Kg's for your money.


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