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Cape York (Agpalilik) (Greenland) IIIA Medium Octahedrite (iron) Found 1818

This meteorite was discovered by British explorer Captain John Ross after being shown knives and crude iron implements manufactured by the local Eskimos, who told him that they had removed the metal from a large iron "rock" situated on the north shore. Bad weather prevented a proper search, but Ross already suspected that it was an iron meteorite.

76 years later, three large masses, weighing respectively 34 tons, 3 tons and 1100lbs, and named "The Tent" or Ahnighito, "The Woman" and "The Dog" were found in Western Greenland by arctic explorer Robert E. Peary and later transported to New York - (see "Rocks From Space" page 245 for full details of the discovery and transportation.)

Several more large masses have since been found and recovered from the strewnfield, including a 15 ton discovery at Agpalilik - this is thought to be the legendary "Man" and fourth member of the Cape York family. An historic meteorite that can be very difficult to add to a private collection!


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