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Crumlin (County Antrim, Northern Ireland) L5 (stone) Fell 13th September 1902

"A stone of 9lb 5.5oz (4.3kg) was seen to fall, after detonations" - L. Fletcher (1902).

The Crumlin meteorite was a witnessed fall during the early 1900's. Only a single stone was recovered and very little is present in museum collections outside the United Kingdom.

The British Isles are a small target for falling space rocks to hit, and don't have the large amount of recoveries that other countries can boast. What we do have also tends to be on the small side, with relatively low total known weights - eg. Rowton (3.5kg), Glatton (767g), Leighlinbridge (271g), Crumlin (4.3kg), Middlesbrough (1.59kg), Glenrothes (~14g), Aldsworth (700g), Ashdon (1.3kg), Danebury (30g), Launton (1.05kg).

There are only three notable exceptions, namely Wold Cottage (25kg), Limerick (48.1kg) and Barwell (44kg), but even these are not particularly large falls and most consisted of just single specimens - only Barwell can claim to be a multiple meteorite shower involving many fragments.

When I was at the NHM, London recently, I was shown an old 1902 newspaper with a cartoon on the front page which bemoaned the removal of the Crumlin meteorite from Ireland to England - I had a strange feeling of deja-vu and the 1999 Leighlinbridge meteorite saga!


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