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Dar al Gani 262 (Sahara) Achondrite, Anorthositic Lunar Breccia Found 23rd March 1997

Total known weight only 513g This meteorite has been classified as a polymict anorthositic breccia ....a meteorite ejected through asteroid impact from the Highland region of our very own moon.

From the 5th edition Catalogue of Meteorites: "A single 513 g stone was found in the Sahara. Classification and description (A. Bischoff and D. Weber, Munster): contains clasts up to 1 cm, mainly anorthositic lithologies and crystalline impact melt breccias, and glass fragments and spherules (partly devitrified) embedded in a fine-grained, well-consolidated matrix; bulk plagioclase, An >95^; olivine, Fa 20-71^; low-Ca pyroxene, Fs 26-63^; has shock veins; contains metal particles (5-26 wt% Ni), ilmenite, troilite, Ti-Cr-spinel; meteorite is moderately weathered."

Lunar meteorites are highly prized amongst collectors and scientists alike - Dar al Gani 262 has a very low total known weight (only 513 grams) and is one of the few Lunar meteorites in private ownership, so there's not very much of this extremely rare material to go around.


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