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Divnoe (Stavropol Territory, Russia) Ungrouped Achondrite, similar to brachinites (stone) Found 1981

Divnoe is a primitive differentiated achondrite, olivine-rich with a very close relationship to brachinites. It originates from a parent body, originally chondritic in composition, that experienced ~20% partial melting at ~1300 degrees C, after which ~40% of the remaining liquid, which was rich in incompatible elements, was removed. Noble gas isotopic composition and a number of chemical abundances show a close relationship with the brachinites Brachina and Allan Hills 84025. The chemical composition of Divnoe matches that of Allan Hills 84025 (Brachinite) especially well, and the trapped noble gases in Divnoe and the brachinites are very similar. VERY RARE MATERIAL !


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