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Gao-Guenie (Burkina Faso, Western Africa) H5 (stone) Fell 5th March 1960

This meteorite fall was witnessed by the inhabitants of Gao, a village of Burkina Faso in Western Africa. The first 16 pieces to be recovered, had actually fallen through the roofs of people's huts! These stones were originally thought to be from TWO different meteorite falls within the same area - Gao (Upper Volta) and Guenie (Upper Volta), however, due to the petrographic similarities of each stone type, the close proximity of the strewn fields and the close fall dates (March & April), it is now believed that the Gao and Guenie stones are from the same, single fall of stony meteorites. During 1998, the nomenclature committee merged these 2 names into one - Gao-Guenie.


gao115g100 gao115g600 gao11kg000a gao11kg000b gao11kg000c gao11kg000d gao123g400 gao132g500 gao155g300 gao15g000 gao165g900 gao17g500 gao189g800 gao212g000 gao21g900 gao22g000 gao259g000 gao25g500 gao26g300 gao26g500 gao27g000 gao304g000 gao30g700 gao322g000 gao35g000 gao360g000 gao36g300 gao387g000 gao42g700 gao43g300 gao46g900 gao4kg000a gao4kg000b gao4kg000c gao4kg000d gao50g700 gao52g800 gao69g700 gao71g800 gao745g000 gao81g400 gao90g300 gao91g900 gao94g600 gaosmallstones

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