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Gibeon (Namibian Desert, Africa) (IVA) Fine Octahedrite (iron) Found 1836

One of the very best meteorites for newcomers to the collecting hobby - usually plentiful, quite stable against oxidisation, easily machined and worked, and altogether fairly affordable. [RE: A slice of etched Gibeon was the very first meteorite I ever purchased many years ago.]

When cut, polished and etched with acid, Gibeon reveals a beautiful and impressive pattern called Widmanstatten figures - a crystal structure formed by nickel-rich and nickel-poor metallic bands as a result of an extremely low rate of cooling over thousands/millions of years. This Widmanstatten structure is absolute proof of a meteoric origin for many iron meteorites, as it is not something that can be copied or forged in a lifetime - in the laboratory, in has only been replicated on the microscopic scale.

The Gibeon fall area (strewnfield) has been thoroughly searched-out by hunters over the years and Africa is also limiting any further exports of the Gibeon meteorite. The price per gram has remained low and affordable for many years, but is now starting climb at a steady rate as supplies quickly diminish.


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