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Glatton (Cambridgeshire, England) L6 (stone) Fell 5th May 1991

Total known weight only 767g! At around 11:30am on 5th May 1991, Mr Arthur Pettifor was busy gardening at his Glatton village home in Cambridgeshire, England, about 70 miles North of London. Suddenly, he heard a loud whining noise and saw something crash through his conifer hedge, just a few feet away from where he stood. Below the conifers, he found a black rock sitting in a shallow depression and assumed that local "hooligans had thrown the stone" into his garden. Within a few seconds of its fall, he picked it up, noticing that the stone felt warm to the touch, and then quickly guessed that this black crusted rock was something much more extraordinary. Sure enough, the stone was soon confirmed as meteoritic by visiting meteoriticists.

Despite a thorough search of the surrounding area, no more meteorites were recovered.......and if Mr Pettifor hadn't been out in his garden at the time, the Glatton meteorite would not have been recognised at all! Mr Pettifor kept the meteorite for a few months (carefully wrapped in plastic Cling Film on the advice of the Natural History Museum) and displayed it at his local Summer fete, charging a small fee (donated to the church fund) to view the meteorite. Later, the little space rock was sold to the museum, where it still remains today.

The Catalogue of Meteorites lists no other institutions/museums with Glatton in their collections, and with so little available, that's hardly surprising.


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