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Holbrook (Navajo County, Holbrook, USA) L/LL6 Fell 19th July 1912

After the appearance of a smoke trail and loud detonations, a shower of stones fell around the town of Holbrook during the early evening of 19th July 1912. The number of stones is estimated to be around 16,000 but almost all of these were pea sized and small sub-gram grains.

A huge 2.24Kg individual is one of the largest individuals recovered from this historic fall and is a true museum piece - in fact, it IS a museum piece (their largest) that I recently acquired through trade. Meteorite hunter HH Nininger searched the Holbrook strewnfield during the 1930's and recovered some fragments & individuals of around 1Kg, but these were weathered, very, very friable and crumbled easily due to weathering through the exposed matrix. However, the 2.24Kg specimen was collected soon after the fall and has been preserved in a museum collection ever since.


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