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Korra Korrabes (Namaland, Namibia) H3 (stone) Found November 1996

Korra Korrabes was discovered in 1996 in a dry river bed by a farmer who was searching for Gibeon irons. Later searches yielded many more specimens, including the largest mass which was used in a garden wall. This brought the TKW up to 140kg, making Korra Korrabes the 4th largest unequilibrated ordinary chondrite in the world.

This meteorite is old and has a weathering grade of W2, but it has previously been available in two different "grades" - either as weathered pieces, or really weathered pieces! I was visited recently by one of the prime hunters who has been actively searching in the strewnfield for more specimens of Korra-Korrabes. The bad news is that no new pieces are being found now and the strewnfield has all but dried up, but the good news is that the best, finest specimens of Korra-Korrabes available have been kept until last! These are amazingly well preserved - the matrix still retains its partial green/grey colour AND some black fusion crust! The weathering on these "new" pieces is much less than all other previously available Korra-Korrabes specimens, in fact it almost gives the impression of being a completely different meteorite (it's not - these fresher pieces have been analysed and confirmed as Korra-Korrabes). These freshest pieces make up a very small percentage of the total known weight, so grab them while you can!


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