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Lazarev (Queen Maud Land, Humboldt Mountains, Antarctica) UNGR (iron) Found 21st January 1961

Meteoric Iron from Antactica!

Two individuals of 8kg and 2kg, were found 3000m above sea-level on a southern spur of the Humboldt Mountains, Antactica, 35 to 40m from the fringe of the glacial sheet. The classification for this Antactic iron is medium octahedrite, but it's been noted as 'anomalous' and considered a possible metal-rich pallasite. The terrestrial age of this iron, spent within the glacial sheet, is given as 5 million years

Lazarev is a pre-treaty Antactic iron which you will almost certainly never see offered again. Only 3 national collections are listed as having this meteorite.


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