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Leighlinbridge (Leighlinbridge, County Carlow, Ireland) L6 (stone) Fell 28th November 1999

Total known weight only 271g! This is the latest meteorite to fall in the British Isles, and the last recovered witnessed fall of the Old Millennium. Southern Ireland itself has not had a meteorite fall since the Dundrum chondrite fell in County Tipperary in 1865.

At approximately 10:10pm on Sunday 28th November 1999, a bright fireball blazed across the night sky over Carlow town, County Carlow, Ireland and exploded in a huge detonation that was seen and heard by many of the local folk. I spoke to several eye witnesses who have described the fireball as being "as bright as the full moon" and "it turned night into day". The following loud explosion was described as "frightening! “We thought it was a bomb...." and "it shook houses...."


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