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Mbale (Mbale, Uganda) L5/6 (stone) Fell 14th August 1992

This witnessed fall crashed through the roofs of factory buildings in the city of Mbale, and is remembered as the meteorite which was ground up and eaten by the locals, who thought it was a gift from heaven and a cure for AIDS. One young lad was also hit on the head by a small stone! Here's what the Catalogue of Meteorites has to say about Mbale:

"The fall occurred in a heavily populated area in and around the city of Mbale. A loud explosion was heard which persisted for some time as a rumbling noise. For about two minutes a greyish-white smoke trail was seen. A meteorite shower fell over an area of about 3 x 7km. The stones hit several buildings, but nobody was hurt, although a young boy was apparently hit on the head".


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