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Mighei (Olviopol, Kherson, Mykolaïv Province, Ukraine) CM2 (stone) Fell 18th June 1889

A stone of around 8kg was seen to fall in the former USSR, after a bright evening fireball and loud detonations. Mighei is a primitive carbonaceous chondrite and the type specimen of the CM sub-group. The letters after "C" (for carbonaceous) refer to the meteorite that acts as the standard reference for a particular sub-group.

For example, the "V" in CV3 refers to a similarity to the Vigarano, Italy carbonaceous chondrite, while the "O" in CO3 refers to the Ornans, France carbonaceous chondrite - in other words, Mighei is the "M" in "CM".

Mighei is SO difficult to acquire - not only because of the low total known weight but also because few curators will even consider parting with any of this treasured CM type specimen and historical witnessed fall. It's a highly prized meteorite that's always very difficult to add to a private collection.


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