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Mount Egerton (Gascoyne River, Western Australia, Australia) Aubrite (stone) Found 1941

Total known weight: 21.5kg. Four fragments, totalling 1.7kg, submitted for examination by M.T. Gaffney from a place 12 miles from Mt. Egerton consist of nickel-iron with 6.38% Ni embedded in large crystals of enstatite, one of which measures 8.5 x 5 x 2.8 cm; schreibersite, troilite, and possibly oldhamite are present, H. Bowley (1944).

The new 5th edition Catalogue of Meteorites still lists Mount Egerton as "Stony-iron, mesosiderite, anomalous" but I believe that this meteorite is now widely accepted to be an aubrite. The majority of this find seems to be as small fragments of iron-rich enstatite crystals, stained orange on the surface through many years of weathering, but still white/cream coloured internally.



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