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NWA 832 (Morocco) L4 Regolith Breccia (stone) Found 2001

This is a classic example of a regolith breccia - a host material containing broken up, angular clasts of stony material, with their sharp points smoothed by the bombardment of a myriad micrometeoroid impacts at the surface of the parent asteroid. The black inclusions will hopefully be studied in greater detail at some time in the future, but have been assessed by the researcher as lithic fragments lacking whole chondrules, and probably shock blackened fragments of a type 6 chondrite.

The fresh fusion crust and fresh interior suggest that NWA 832 is a recent fall....what little oxide staining that is actually present, is just the result of using a water coolant while sawing the slices. All in all, this is a beautiful regolith breccia with lots of "eye appeal" and far fresher than its Zag counterpart, as well as being a totally different group and type.


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