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NWA 1566 (Morocco) Rumurutiite R3.8 (stone) Found December 2001

R-chondrites represent the newest chondrite group, which began with the 1977 discovery of the Carlisle Lakes find. This meteorite did not fit into any existing group and meteoriticists were initially reluctant to create a new "Carlisle Lake" group because Carlisle Lake was so weathered and not really suitable for a type specimen, preferring to call it "anomolous" instead. Fortunately, another far fresher meteorite which had fallen almost 40 years earlier in Rumuruti, Southwestern Kenya saved the day when it was eventually studied and found to be the perfect type specimen for the R-chondrite group.

NWA 1566 has just been classified and listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin as an R3.8, total mass only 159g.


nwa15661g582 nwa15662g126 nwa15662g174 nwa15663g120 nwa15663g778 nwa15666g946

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