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NWA 2748 (Morocco) "chondrule conglomerate" (stone) Recognised February 2002

A new find - no visible matrix - chondrules appear to have been molten during accretion. This new find is currently being classified by Dr.Robert Hutchison - co-author of the previous edition "Catalogue of Meteorites", back in the days when the "Blue Book" really was blue. It will also feature in his new book "Meteorites: A petrologic, chemical and isotopic synthesis".

While the final analysis and classification is still pending, it's clearly a very unusual meteorite. Chondritic for sure - the whole stone is composed of nothing but chondrules!....where did the matrix go?? - and with sparse nickel-iron metal flake. One of the most remarkable features is that many of the chondrules mutally indent each other, suggesting that they were still molten during accretion. Not something you see everyday!

A meteoriticist in the USA also took a look at a cut face and enthused: "Rob, What the heck is that? It looks something like a chondrule-conglomerate...I made that up! I have not seen anything like this before...it is very odd. If you would like us to work on this one I'd like that."


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