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Ochansk (Perm Province, Russia) H4 Brecciated (stone) Fell 30th August 1887

I was very pleased to acquire a few pieces of this one - an old and rare fall, still in pristine condition despite its 116 years on Earth. And considering that it's an H-group, it's obviously been very well curated!

After the appearance of a bright meteor and loud detonations, a shower of stones fell in the village of Tabory near Ochansk. About 500kg of Ochansk was recovered, but don't be fooled by this high total known weight - most of this meteorite is locked away in museum collections, and very little is available to private collectors.

Ochansk is beautifully brecciated with light coloured clasts resting in a grey matrix.


ochansk ochansk13g100 ochansk14g300 ochansk15g300 ochansk16g100 ochansk26g100 ochansk26g900 ochansk51g000 ochansk9g500

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