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Orgueil (Montauban, France) CI (stone) Fell 14th May 1864

The Orgueil meteorite fell in France at 20:00 on 14th May 1864, after the appearance of a bright fireball and loud detonations. Classified as a rare type of carbonaceous chondrite, Orgueil represents the most primitive of all, a C1!

Orgueil shows evidence of liquid water having been present during crystal formation and is believed to be part of an ancient comet. Minerals within C1's indicate that they formed within a warm, wet environment and are the most water altered, least heat altered meteorite type. Orgueil is a very special meteorite containing a high 20% carbon and 20% metal in a dark black matrix. The lack of any visible chondrules or metal flake makes Orgueil one of the least visually appealing meteorites around - but from a scientific standpoint, WOW!!!

This meteorite is EXTREMELY difficult to obtain - rarely, some small crumbs and dust may become available but anything above a few milligrams hitting the private collector market is exceptionally rare.


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