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Ornans (Doubs, France) CO3 (stone) Fell 11th July 1868

Total known weight: 6kg. You don't see this one offered for sale very often, if ever. Ornans is an old, historic European witnessed fall of 1868, a rare carbonaceous chondrite and the type specimen to which all CO3's are now compared. In other words, it's the "O" in CO3.

A single stone weighing about 6kg was seen to fall, which broke into 2 pieces on impact. The very low total known weight makes this an especially difficult meteorite to acquire.....most museums and institutions lucky enough to have Ornans only have small amounts ranging from 1g to 89g in their collections (apart from the Paris Museum, France of course, who preserve the 3.5kg main mass of Ornans).

With a low total known weight of only 6kg, you may not see this one available again for a very long time - curators generally have a policy of limiting the amount of meteoric material that can be traded (eg 10% max over 10 years), allowing only a small percentage of their own piece to be exchanged with dealers.


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