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Ouzina (Algerian Border, Morocco) R4 (stone) Found 1999

Total known weight: 630g.

One of the very rarest types of classified meteorites currently for sale on the market, this is a Rumurutiite type R4 named Ouzina and is one of only three unbrecciated Rumurutiites! R-chondrites represent the newest chondrite group, which began with the 1977 discovery of the Carlisle Lakes find. This meteorite did not fit into any existing group and meteoriticists were initially reluctant to create a new "Carlisle Lake" group because Carlisle Lake was so weathered and not really suitable for a type specimen, preferring to call it "anomolous" instead. Fortunately, another far fresher meteorite which had fallen almost 40 years earlier in Rumuruti, Southwestern Kenya saved the day when it was eventually studied and found to be the perfect type specimen for the R-chondrite group.

Ouzina is our newest meteorite in the R-chondrite group, bringing the total number of R-chondrites (including Antarctic finds) to just 12....that's less than the total number of known Lunar and Martian meteorites!

Ouzina has a light brown matrix with blue/grey coloured chondrules. In true Rumurutiite fashion, nickel iron metal is almost completely absent (it oxidises out while still in space), making for some relatively lightweight cut slices with larger than expected surface area to weight ratio.



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