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Powellsville (Scioto County,Ohio,USA) H5 (stone) Found 1990 (possibly fell 1926)

This meteorite probably fell in 1926, when eye witnesses observed a bright green fireball crossing the sky, followed by a distant rumble and three loud detonations. Since publication in the Meteoritical Bulletin, a second individual of Powellsville has been found which brings the total known weight up to ~8Kg.

The second (3.7Kg) specimen is a complete individual which is now the main mass of Powellsville. It was discovered in 2000 by a farmer who struck this heavy stone with his plow....one side of the stone even shows the plough scar.

Powellsville has a chocolate brown fusion crust, though some small areas of crust are still quite dark. During cutting of the first Powellsville mass, a large metal "blotch" was discovered in one of the slices. Scattered throughout this "blotch" were numerous deep red and very clear (transparent) crystals. The slice is currently under investigation into the possible corundum (i.e. rubies) located within this meteorite. Though corundum has been found previously in carbonaceous chondrites, this would be a first for an H5.



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