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Ramsdorf (Borken, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany) L6 brecciated (stone) Fell 26th July 1958

A single stone weighing 4682g was all that was ever recovered from this fall. Lunar and Planetary Science, volume 27, page 1467 - Ramsdorf contains not only clast-poor impact melt, but also a chondritic portion of well-defined chondritic texture. Studies suggest that most (~90 vol%) of the chondritic portion was melted by shock and that Ramsdorf was produced by melting of a type 3-4 chondrite and crystallization in situ. The shock stage of this rock may be the highest among ordinary chondrites and other rocks, namely shock stage S6+.

Sadly, the 4kg Ramsdorf main mass (and other meteorites) was stolen from the finder in Borken, during a break-in on 5th February 2001, meaning that very little of this meteorite is still accounted for.


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