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Richfield (Kansas, USA) LL3 Genomict breccia (stone) Found 1983, recognised 1995

Of the H, L and LL chondrites, the LL group are by far the rarest, but especially rare are those with low numbers such as this type 3 specimen. Type 3's contain pristine chondrules that have altered little since their origins in the solar nebula, 4.5 billion years ago.

The Richfield LL3 chondrite is a breccia containing many large, light coloured recrystallised clasts and numerous large dark clasts set in a dark grey/black matrix - rare, chondrule free impact melt clasts have also been found in Richfield. Cut sections reveal a very "busy" matrix, with clear & distinct regions, different coloured large clasts, superb chondrules (many beautifully "armoured"), fine grained nickel-iron metal flake and an abundance of troilite inclusions!

This is a meteorite that you certainly don't see every day.



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