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Sarir Qattusah 001 (Libyan Sahara) LL(L)3 (stone) Found October 1994

The Sarir Qattusah 001 meteorite was found in the Libyan Sahara Desert in October 1994. Classified as a rare LL(L)3, this meteorite is one of the most unequilibrated chondrites of all the petrologic types lower than 3.5 The total known weight of Sarir Qattusah 001 is a very low 796g, making it very hard to obtain. Type 3 chondrites contain some of the most beautifully preserved chondrules that have altered little since formation, and SQ001 is no exception. Cut sections reveal a brown matrix with variety of multi-coloured chondrules, so tightly packed together that very little matrix is visible between them.


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