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Shallowater (Lubbock County, Texas, USA) Aubrite (stone) Found July 1936

This rare aubrite eluded me for several years. It regularly appeared on collectors' "wish lists", but there simply wasn't any Shallowater available to private collectors.

Shallowater was found in Lubbock County, Texas in July 1936 - a single stone weighing just 4.65kg forms the total known weight of this find. Besides Mount Egerton, Shallowater is the only other unbrecciated aubrite known - it also contains xenolithic inclusions, and the highest metallic component of all aubrites, at 3.3% by volume.

Shallowater has a crystallization age of 4,530,000,000 years, and a cosmic ray exposure age of 26,800,000 years, making this meteorite one of our more elderly visitors, of similar ages to the E-chondrites.


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