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Strathmore (Perthshire, Scotland) L6 (stone) Fell 3rd December 1917

Hit a House! After the appearance of a brilliant fireball, travelling from SE to NW, and detonations, four stones fell, three in Perthshire at Easter Essendy (10.1kg), Carsie (1.1kg), and Keithick (1.1kg), and one in Forfarshire at South Corston (1kg). One stone, fell through the roof of a small house at South Lodge, Keithick in Perthshire.

I often go on and on at great length about how difficult it can be to add any of the British witnessed falls to a private collection, and how curators won't let them go out in trade unless it's for something very special in return.

Well, Strathmore may be just a lowly L6 but if you like to collect witnessed falls from unusual localities, Strathmore fell just a few miles North of my home in the tiny country of Scotland back in 1917. This is the first Scottish witnessed fall that I've been able to trade for and it's taken me many years to acquire!



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