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Tagounite 084 (NWA 1152) (Algerian Border,Morocco) C3 UNGR. (stone) Found 1999

Total known weight only 98g !! This is a very special carbonaceous chondrite for the serious meteorite collector, and a meteorite which gave some very strange results during the initial analysis and classification....on 48 olivine points, 44 had forsterite over 99% which gave an Fa under 1.

Its original classification was CV3 (anom), but after new studies on a sample I passed to the NHM, London, it looks like this is actually the very first recovered CR3 - although in the best interests of caution, it'll probably be printed as C3 UNGR.

Provisionally named Tagounite 084, a synonym for the official classsification under the name Northwest Africa 1152, cut sections reveal an abundance of very closely packed multi-coloured chondrules and some small white CAI's in a dark matrix. Only one small stone weighing just 98g was all that was ever found of this extremely interesting meteorite, and most of the specimens have already been quickly purchased almost exclusively by researchers for further study, leaving precious little available for private collectors.


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