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Tauk (Daquq, Iraq) L6 (stone) Fell Spring 1929

Total known weight only 6 to 7kg. This witnessed fall comes from a rather sensitive locality at the present time - but, putting politics to one side, it's not a meteorite that you're likely to see offered anywhere else in the near future!

From the 5th edition catalogue of meteorites - "A mass 'as big as a man's head,' and estimated to weigh 6 to 7kg, fell near Tawila, 11 km NW of Tauk, W.A. Macfadyen, letters, in Min. Dept., NHM, London. A fragment, 205g, of exactly similar appearance was presented to the NHM, London in 1932, and is said to have fallen at Kirkuk, 24 km N of Tauk, about 1925 or 1926; it is to be referred to the Tauk fall".



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