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Zag (Morrocco) H3-6 regolith breccia (stone) Fell 4th/5th March 1998

After a huge fireball and loud explosions that were seen and heard for hundreds of miles, this meteorite fell to Earth in Morocco during early March 1998. Zag has since been given the rather rare and unusual classification of an H3-6 regolith breccia. There may be more to the classification yet to come, as blue halite salt crystals have since been found in the H3 regions of some pieces, containing extraterrestrial liquid water(!) Zag is only the second meteorite ever to claim this.

There is plenty of Zag available at the moment, meaning that prices are often kept low and competitive, however, this is an extremely unusual and interesting new meteorite that should not be underestimated because of its availability and price. I'm sure that we will all hear a lot more about this one after more research has been completed in the coming months.


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