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Zaklodzie (Lubelskie County,Poland) (un-grouped,enstatite rich) (stone) Found September 1998

Total known weight: 8.68Kg. This meteorite proved to be something of an enigma. The original classification concluded a "unique primitive achondrite" but this term has never been applied to meteorites of this type before.

There are no visible chondrules and with such a very high enstatite content this meteorite has been printed in Meteoritical Bulletin # 84 as an "ungrouped, enstatite-rich meteorite"......maybe one more argument for an extra class?

This is a very unusual meteorite indeed. There may be no visible chondrules but a real treat is in store for those that enjoy a VERY, "busy" matrix. Cut sections reveal an abundance of metal flake, some gas vesicles, white inclusions and black inclusions....but where are the chondrules?? Wonderful material to the naked eye but which particularly comes alive under low magnification.


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