Strathmore Meteorite Centenary

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Strathmore Meteorite Centenary

Postby pdavidson » Mon Dec 05, 2016 3:18 pm

Hello BIMSters
A couple of wee bits of news from the frozen North today.
1. There will be a small exhibition in the National Museums Scotland next year from 5th October 2017 to 1st April 2018 commemorating the Centenary of the Strathmore Meteorite fall. Although there is nothing definite planned, we are hoping to have a little function/celebration/press event on the actual day of the Centenary (3rd December). It is our intention to gather together the four main fragments and have applied for loans to the Perth Museum and the Natural History Museum. I will post more about this as soon as information is available.
2. By way of a preview, BBC broadcast a one hour documentary (in Scotland only?) called Scotland's Treasures. A behind the scenes look at the NMS which included a short piece about the Strathmore and the Nakhla. You should be able to catch it on BBC iPlayer - I am not sure if it was broadcast throughout the whole UK - but catch it if you can.
Peter Davidson
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Re: Strathmore Meteorite Centenary

Postby Barwellian » Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:11 pm

Thanks for the heads up on that Peter...will definitely try and get up for that and watch the broadcast if I can find it. If you need any help with anything just let us know.

I was up earlier in the year staying in the area and visited all four fall sites and saw the replicas and one original at the Perth museum...nice display there.


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Re: Strathmore Meteorite Centenary

Postby pdavidson » Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:33 am

Morning Graham
Always look forward to seeing you, or any of the BIMS gang. I will probably have to do a short article for the Museum's website at some point as well but I will let everyone know when that appears.
Cheers from an incredibly mild Scotland!
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