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150629 - Prize winner from competition at CosmicCon 2015

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:40 pm
by msg-meteorites
As usual we ran a competition on our BIMS meteorite display at the inaugural CosmicCon 2015 event. It was a 'Guess the weight of the weight of the meteorite' competition and we used an NWA unclassified meteorite that weighed 1170 grams. We received 394 entries and as previously no one actually guessed exactly right but a few did get close. The person who got closest and is our competition winner is Joe Coyle with a guess of 1164 grams, only 6 grams away from the actual weight! Congratulations Joe! :-)

Thanks to all who entered and all who donated, these donations are what helps us to carry on to be able to attend events such as this and put on world class meteorite displays where visitors can see and touch so many amazing meteorites.

See you all at the next one :-)