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140125 - BIMS display of meteorites at Ensisheim 2014

PostPosted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:36 am
by msg-meteorites
BIMS members Martin Goff, Graham Ensor and Luther Jackson will be putting on a display of UK and Irish meteorites at this year's Ensisheim Show in June. The display is titled "BRITISH AND IRISH METEORITES - Exhibit of Selected Meteorite Samples from the Collections of British and Irish Meteorite Society (BIMS) Members".

They will also be showcasing BIMS activities by highlighting some of the previous displays BIMS members have put on. The meteorite show is held every year in June in the French town of Ensisheim. The historic meteorite of Ensisheim that fell in 1492 is still displayed in the Regency Palace there. The website for the town will have more details on the show soon and can be seen here. I am sure Martin, Graham and Luther will show off some of what BIMS is about and spread the word about our society.