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Allende (CV3) Korra Korrabes (H3) Itqiy (EH7-an)
September '14 August '14 July '14
Campo del Cielo (Iron, IAB-MG) Cold Bokkeveld (CM2) Gibeon (Iron, IVA)
June '14 May '14 April '14
Strathmore (L6) Chelyabinsk (LL5) Tulia (b) (L6)
March '14 February '14 January '14
NWA 527 (L5) NWA 6618 (Eucrite-mmict) Libyan Desert Glass
December '13 November '13 October '13
Unclassified NWA (CV3?) Chelyabinsk (LL5) Chelyabinsk (LL5)
September '13 August '13 July '13
Adrar Chiriet (L6) Morasko (Iron, IAB-MG) Bristol Impact layer
June '13 May '13 April '13
Gao-Guenie (H5) Johnstown (Diogenite) Canyon Diablo (Iron, IAB-MG)
March '13 February '13 January '13
Appley Bridge (LL6) Unclassified NWA with shock veins Gan Gan (Iron, IVA)
December '12 November '12 October '12
Limerick (H5) L'Aigle (L6) Allende (CV3)
September '12 August '12 July '12
Glatton Main Mass Bovedy Main Mass Leighlinbridge (LL6) 8.1g
June '12 May '12 April '12
NWA 6355 (Lunar) 7.52g Tissint (Martian, Shergottite) 20.46g Seymchan (PAL) 47g
March '12 February '12 January '12
Ghubara (L5) 102g Allende (CV3) 47g Limerick (H5) 310mg
December '11 November '11 October '11
Springwater (Pallasite, PMG-an) Dundrum (H5) 1.07g NWA 859 (Iron-ung) 2g
September '11 August '11 July '11
El Hammami (H5) 82g Limerick (H5) Gao Guenie (H5)
June '11 May '11 April '11
Magura (Iron, IAB-MG) Bovedy (L3) Campo del Cielo (Iron. IAB-MG)
March '11 February '11 January '11
NWA 2748 (LL3.4) Glatton (L6) Millbillillie (Eucrite). A 221g individual, showing the characteristic glossy fusion crust and flowlines in addition to a roll-over lip and jagged trailing edge.
December '10 November '10 October '10
NWA 5363 (Brachinite) in thin section at 30x magnification. This is one of the stones currently involved in the controversy regarding possible pairings with NWA 5400 the Wold Cottage (L6, fell 1795), fusion crusted 1.1g part-slice. NWA 4522 (LL3.5, Provisional) Collage
September '10 August '10 July '10
Appley Bridge (LL6) 1.47g partslice Gujba (CBa) 20.5g partslice Barwell (L6) 2.99g partslice
June '10 May '10 April '10
Seymchan (PAL) 1046g Bassikounou (H5) 99g Barwell (L6) 1.448g
March '10 February '10 January '10
Ulster Museum Display Allende (CV3) 43.4g Wold Cottage (L6) 4.7g Part-slice
December '09 November '09 October '09
Bovedy (L3) 2.4g Micro-meteorites dredged from the sea bed by HMS Challenger in the 1870's.
September '09 August '09 July '09
May 09
June '09 May '09 April '09